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Dry-Shake Terrazzo

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

​​​​We crush and sieve terrazzo aggregates from all over the world and blend them into Dry-Shake Terrazzo (DST). After applying DST to the surface of freshly poured concrete by the dry-shake method you can expose the surface to reveal the decorative aggregates. DST can be polished on interior floors, or sandblasted or chemically etched outdoors. Each method of revealing the aggregates creates a different look. 

We work directly with designers and owners to give the surface of concrete a particular voice, manufacture the materials, and can oversee the production of the mockup samples on site. We can be onsite when the DST is applied and the surface is abraded to achieve the desired appearance. 

After the concrete has adequately cured the surface is abraded to depress the colored or uncolored matrix and reveal the decorative aggregates.

Alternating sandblast and acid etched finish.

Sandblasted fields, acid etched bands and band intersections left with a steel trowel finish.

I've never seen a piece of concrete I didn't like, that said, the surface of all concrete paving ends up being exposed aggregate. At some point, you will be looking at sands that were chosen by a someone else, not you. At Concreation, you decide what color the surface will be, and what granite, marble, quartz or exotic aggregates will be revealed on the surface. You decide if you want the crisp, clean exposure of acid etching or the subdued and velvety look of sandblasting, or polish it on interior floors.  

We are not a "decorative concrete" company peddling high-maintenance, lipstick finishes sealed with airplane glue creating a cottage industry of strip-and-reseal concrete mockery. 

Our approach is to create a surface with the combined strength of industrial floor hardening technology and the beauty of Terrazzo. We are a tool for designers/owners to design exactly what the surface will look like. Whether that be the subtle and elegant combination of light and dark serpentine in a warm gray background or bright and sparkly like the Las Vegas strip. For over 30 years we've provided our products and services to cover over forty million square feet of concrete.  

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